Eucerin Abolishes Package Inserts

80 percent of all Eucerin products worldwide now leave the factory without a package leaflet. The target is 100 percent by July 2021. Together with further revisions to product packaging, this is expected to save 175 metric tons of paper annually by 2025.

Beiersdorf’s Eucerin brand is pursuing an ambitious sustainability agenda. As part of this agenda, the dermocosmetics brand is eliminating all package inserts by July 2021. According to the company, this will save 20 million package inserts per year worldwide, which corresponds to 47 tons of paper. Since July 2020, 80 percent of the global product portfolio is produced without package inserts.

“We have carefully checked which of the information on the package inserts is relevant from a legal perspective or for consumers,” says Wiebke Maerker-Scheel, Senior Manager Derma Sustainability at Beiersdorf. “All relevant information is retained. However, to save paper, they are printed on the packaging or made available on Eucerin’s website”.

Reducing paper waste

Since the production of paper consumes a great deal of wood, water and energy, Eucerin is also planning further measures to reduce paper consumption, the company says. For example, the AtopiControl Balm will be sold in pharmacies without folding boxes from September 2020. Other products and series will follow this example in the coming years.

This will save another 90 tons of paper per year by 2025. The brand is also testing new cardboard materials for its folding boxes to further reduce paper consumption. Overall, Eucerin expects to reduce annual paper consumption by 175 metric tons by 2025 compared with 2019.

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