More Recycling of Labels

To offer its customers sustainable label solutions, Faller Packaging follows the motto “Reduce, Recycle, Rethink.” The pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer reduces label material, uses recycling programs for liner material and creates a recyclable label design.

Faller Packaging, the single-source specialist for folding cartons, package inserts and adhesive labels, aims to be material-saving and responsible in the production of its labels. The reduced use of materials for face and backing materials means that less material is produced for disposal. This saves resources, reduces transports and storage capacities can be optimally utilized.

Ensuring Recyclability

Even with sustainable labels, however, their functionality is always the top priority, the company sais. It must be given for every respective purpose. In terms of sustainability, however, it is essential to ensure a recyclable combination of label, adhesive and container, it says. “As a general rule, the label should be made of the same type of material as the packaging material, because a single-variety material reduces the effort required for separation and reuse,” they say.

Carrier material can be collected

However, a label consists of more than just the part that adheres to the product – when it is dispensed onto the packaging material, the liner material is left behind. Instead of disposing of it conventionally, customers can have it picked up by an adhesive material supplier. The supplier then returns it to the materials cycle. Transport and recycling in compliance with EU standards saves CO2 emissions, conserves resources and costs no more than conventional disposal. For control purposes, the customer receives regularly updated analysis data and certificates. In addition, Faller Packaging fully recycles waste produced during its own label production, such as grids, trimmings and waste paper. “This is a unique selling point and underscores Faller Packaging’s claim to its own sustainable actions,” the company says.

Rethinking label solutions

Recyclates play an important role in the circular economy. The higher their share, the less virgin material is needed. Faller Packaging promotes their use and currently offers two label solutions made from recycled material: The paper label made of so-called rPaper with normal paper grammage is suitable for on glass, cardboard, PET, HDPE and LDPE in the temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius. Faller Packaging has developed the recycled polyethylene (rPE) label for dispensing on HDPE and LDPE in the temperature range -20 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Whether and which recycled material users can use instead of virgin material must be carefully examined in cooperation with the packaging manufacturer in each case. Among other things, the suitability for different printing techniques must be considered. The materials are suitable for all applications, but some of them have different properties compared to their conventional counterparts, which can influence the printing result. In order to achieve the best result, tests are carried out with the manufacturers. This is also a question of appearance. Recycled materials often have a different visual character, which cannot be eliminated completely even when printing. Substitution of the conventional material is therefore possible but must be tested individually in each case and the final result closely coordinated with the customer.

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