Uniform Separation Instructions on Packaging

According to a recent survey, the majority of consumers would like to see uniform separation information on packaging. Younger people in particular favor additional explanatory QR codes.

The demand for easily available information on proper waste separation is high. At least that is the result of a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Trennhinweis e. V.: according to the survey, 80 percent of Germans would like to see standardized separation notices on packaging that provide information about the correct disposal of the respective packaging. This is because it is not always clear how empty packaging is to be properly separated and disposed of. According to Trennhinweis e. V., an average of 30 percent of incorrectly disposed waste in the yellow garbage can or yellow bag makes it difficult or impossible to recycle valuable raw materials.

Trennhinweis e. V., a joint initiative of dual systems in Germany, wants to meet the demand for more information: The association provides distributors of packaging with cross-manufacturer separation notices free of charge in flexible design variants for printing on their product packaging. “With this simple and at the same time effective solution, we want to support manufacturers and retailers in informing consumers about proper waste separation,” explains Dr. Alexandra Ranzinger, chairwoman of Trennhinweis e. V., “We see this as an important step towards the circular economy.”

QR codes for more information 

In addition to the symbols for correct waste separation, Trennhinweis e. V. also distributors QR codes, which can be printed on the packaging additionally. Scanning the QR code takes the user to short information videos on waste separation. If desired, the short films can be individualized, regionally controlled or expanded to include locally-specific separation rules. This digital information service is particularly popular among the younger generation: according to the YouGov survey, over 50 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds in Germany would like to see explanatory QR codes on packaging in addition to separation instructions.

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