Product Protection for Pails

Product protection for bucket containers is offered by Saier Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG with its new S-Liner Barrier. The company is one of this year’s winners of the German Packaging Award in the sustainability category.

Pails from Saier are used in various industries with different filling goods. The time span between the filling date and the use of the filling material can be several months, during which certain liquids, vapors, or UV rays may penetrate the polymer structure of the packaging material. This can have a significant negative impact on the mechanical properties of the pail and the quality of the contained goods.

According to the manufacturer, in the new S-Liner Barrier product, the contents are reliably protected by means of a welded bottom-wall film that covers the entire interior up to the top edge of the pail. A barrier film attached to the inside of the lid additionally protects the contents from above, providing effective 360° protection.

The integrated barrier film protects the plastic polymer from changes caused, for example, by solvent-containing ingredients and their permeation from the inside to the outside. The product properties of the filling material and the stability of the pail are thus preserved. At the same time, the product is protected from external influences that can affect the product through permeation from the outside to the inside. Possible changes to the product properties of the contents caused by oxygen or UV rays, for example, are thus effectively prevented, the company explains.

The S-Liner Barrier can be adapted to different requirements and different container shapes using film technology. The multilayer barrier layers of the inner film are only a few µm thick and, according to the manufacturer, are thus only a fraction of the usual pail container wall thicknesses. Therefore, depending on the barrier requirement as well as the selected barrier layer, the recyclability of the pail container is still given with up to 100 percent, the company says.

The company has already won the 2021 German Packaging Award in the sustainability category. The award winners had been honored at FACHPACK. Saier received the prize for the S-Liner Peel pail, which is equipped with an easily removable inner liner so that the pail can be reused or recycled without any cleaning effort.

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