Special Show Presents Innovative Packaging Design

Analogous to the exhibition motto, NürnbergMesse and bayern design are shining a spotlight on opportunities offered by social change processes in packaging design in the special show “Transition in Packaging by Design” at FACHPACK in Hall 7 (Stand 432).

The basis of these processes is the ever-changing behavior of consumers. Companies are thus faced with the challenge of acting sustainably in terms of ecology and customer loyalty. In cooperation with NürnbergMesse, bayern design shows the answers designers and companies are finding to these transformations. The innovations on display range from A for augmented reality (AR) and U for urn to Z for the zeerooo reusable system and are a source of inspiration for new trends and impulses in the packaging industry and society. In addition to the exhibition, these will also be made tangible in real live by speakers in the so-called PACKBOX.

Address, Amaze and Advance

Under the keywords “Address”, “Amaze” and “Advance”, the special show presents selected examples of packaging design, in which designers and companies make strategic use of packaging: as a communication medium, as a means of interaction, and as a field of application for sustainable material development. The packaging specialists understand the mandate for redesign as a playing field for aesthetics and sustainability. In doing so, they rely on design innovations as well as technical and communicative ones.

With their packaging concepts, Madeline Hesse, Elisabeth Freymüller, Frederic Vennemeyer and Jonas Zerr, four design students at the Münster School of Design, as well as he company snoopstar address important issues and communicate them convincingly. The project from Münster is dedicated to groundwater contamination caused by carelessly discarded cigarette butts. That’s why their “Input” cigarette packaging has an additional pull-out compartment in which the butts can be stored until they can be properly disposed of. The concept promotes consumer awareness of the problem and at the same time provides a practical way of contributing to change. However, many packaging concepts are not recognizable as sustainable at first glance. snoopstar uses augmented reality for this purpose, making sustainable packaging recognizable as such and thus fit for the future.

Bio-based packaging brings society forward in all aspects of life. Whether it’s dispensing with environmentally harmful styrofoam for goods that are sensitive to impact or with using non-decomposable decorative urns for burial. Amen Candles, in collaboration with GROWN bio, is showcasing protective packaging made from mycelium (mushroom roots) and hemp fibers. With this all-natural packaging, the temperature-sensitive and fragile Amen scented candles are shipped safely around the world. urnfold makes handmade decorative urns from high-quality papers. The focus is on three things: sustainability, contemporary aesthetics, and supporting a more personal culture of mourning. Paper as a material fulfills the actual purpose of a decorative urn: it serves to visually and emotionally enhance the dedicated ash capsule, and it decomposes completely in the soil without leaving any residue.

The packaging concepts by designers Hélène Fontaine (Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle) and Sarah Klein are amazingly convincing. The ease of use of packaged foods often leaves much to be desired – small, hard-to-grasp tabs or stuck lids make handling difficult, especially for people with physical disabilities. Thanks to the protruding base of the tray and the extended flap of the lidding film, Hélène Fontaine’s “i-si” package can be opened easily with little strength or even with one hand. The “ReWrap” by Sarah Klein is an innovative solution for transporting food-to-go. It can be used flexibly using various folding and wrapping techniques. The packaging for French fries, for example, resembles a classic French fry package in terms of design. A falafel, however, is wrapped as usual. “ReWrap” can be reused up to 4000 times, offered in a deposit system and efficiently prevents waste.

Other exhibitors in the special exhibition are: Kebag (kebab packaging), outnature (packaging made from silphia plant fibers), Philips Hue smart lighting (interactive packaging with color-changing mechanism), Syntegon (blister meets paper), Regionique (food with transparency code), Van Genechten Packaging (100 percent recyclable chocolate packaging, without additional wrapping material), Vöslauer ( edition “Artists for Tomorrow”) and zerooo reusable system (returnable jar and deposit bottle).

Design as a communication medium

Analogous to the three categories of the special show, on Wednesday, September 28, from 1 to 2 p.m. in the PACKBOX, the speakers will focus on packaging design as a vehicle for communication, as a means of interaction, and as a field of application for sustainable material development, and will explain their concepts live.

bayern design is the competence center for knowledge transfer and collaborations around design in Bavaria. With its projects, it underlines the importance of design. After all, design plays a key role in managing economic, social, and sustainable change. bayern design GmbH is supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development, and Energy and is the organizer of Germany’s largest design event, the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), which will take place in Munich from May 6 to 14, 2023.

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