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Panther Packaging has produced secondary placement displays for Budweiser Budvar’s lager beers. The goal: to increase brand awareness in Germany.

Founded in the Bohemian town of České Budĕjovice in 1895, Budweiser Brewery has been owned by the Czech Republic since 1967. The company emphasizes the latter with some pride. Its website says that not many breweries in the world are owned by a nation instead of a major corporation.

Last year, Panther Display produced secondary placements made of corrugated board for the traditional brewery in two projects meant to make Budweiser Budvar Original and the non-alcoholic Budvar Nealko brand even better known, as Panther Packaging announced in early February.

In a first project, the display specialists developed a presentation unit for Budweiser Budvar based on a standard display. The color design is “red”, the brand’s traditional color code. The contour-cut corrugated cardboard parts of the side walls have the shape of the original bottles. The high contour-punched sides in the shape of the bottles and the true-to-original print image of the beer bottles give the display a very good long-distance effect, as Panther explains. Because the jacket is laminated on both sides, the inside also shows the image of the bottle. This is why the display keeps its high quality look during the sale and when only half full.

Campaign for Budvar Nealko

After the implementation of this project, another task soon followed for Panther Display: for the non-alcoholic brand Budvar Nealko, the customer wanted secondary placement elements based on the same basic concept. For this product, the brewery relies on a contrasting color code to the original: the design for Budvar Nealko uses two rich shades of blue, which can be found in the bottle labels as well as in the color scheme of the displays. In terms of design, the secondary placement again makes use of the contour-cut side walls in the shape of the bottle as well as the topper placed on top.

The campaign for Budvar Nealko was also supplemented by another display with a high base. The aim was to be able to offer a presentation unit for a smaller quantity of product compared to the standard display. The experts at Panther Display had to make sure that the secondary placement as a whole could cope with the weight of the bottles. Trays and base construction are designed to safely and appealingly present the six-packs stacked on top of each other on up to three trays. Unlike the larger display variant, the topper here is placed directly above the back wall. However, even this display does not do without the iconic bottle shape in the side panels.

Panther’s bottom line: the special promotions carried out last year have opened up new target groups for the traditional Czech brand in Germany as well. The cooperation with the Czech brewery will now be continued in further projects.

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