Cleaning Agent for Refilling

“Love Nature” is a new series of cleaning products from Henkel. The products “Mein Spülmittel” and “Mein Waschmittel” can be refilled in selected stores of various drugstore and supermarket chains. For example at dm-drogerie markt and Rossmann.

“We love nature,” says consumer goods manufacturer Henkel. And is committed to it with a new series of washing, rinsing and cleaning products. According to the manufacturer, the products bear a whole series of certificates: the “EU Ecolabel” certifies their environmental compatibility. The “ECARF Seal” distinguishes them as skin and allergy friendly. In addition, all products are vegan and 100 percent animal-loving, which in turn has been certified by Cruelty Free International.

The bottle bodies consist entirely of recycled plastic and can be recycled again. In addition, consumers can refill the “Love Nature” brand of detergents and dishwashing liquids themselves. According to Henkel, it is the first detergent and cleaning agent brand to offer this service in Germany across all dealers.

Contribution to recycling management

A refill possibility is available, for example, in selected stores of dm-drogerie markt and Rossmann. “In our view, refill stations offer a way of saving resources through reuse and making a contribution to the circular economy,” emphasizes Sebastian Bayer, dm Managing Director responsible for Marketing + Procurement. Together with its partner Beiersdorf, dm has been offering refill stations for Nivea products in Germany on a trial basis since the beginning of August.

“This environmentally friendly alternative to refilling could be a good way to save plastic,” says Raoul Rossmann, Managing Director of Purchasing and Marketing at Rossmann. The test run is intended to show the response from customers, but the handling of the systems will also be scrutinized – both technically and in terms of cleaning effort. Together with Henkel, Rossmann has been testing refill stations for washing and cleaning agents in the Czech markets since 2019.

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