Consequence of the Crisis: A Run on the Can

In an interview, Jörg Höppner, Managing Director of the Metal Packaging Association, talks about the effects of the corona pandemic and the resulting opportunities for companies in his industry.

Where do you see the greatest impact of the Corona pandemic for companies specialising in metal packaging?

Manufacturers of metal packaging are experiencing a significant increase in demand for their containers. This naturally affects the classic food can, but also other types of packaging, for example for basic chemicals. Some packaging manufacturers are already producing at capacity limit.

In the particularly popular segment of food cans, the somewhat larger units such as 800 gram cans are increasingly being purchased. The demand for cans for ready meals, soups and stews is increasing most noticeably.

In addition, the feed industry is currently reporting a significantly increased demand for cans for pet food. The high demand also reflects consumer confidence in the can as a particularly safe packaging that can be stored for long periods of time and without the use of energy.

What are the potential opportunities?

Opportunities certainly lie in the fact that in the current situation it is clear that a safe and reliable supply of all conceivable everyday goods to people cannot be achieved without packaging. It is only through packaging that most foodstuffs can be preserved and stored. And this is especially true for metal packaging.

In addition, the current “run” on the can coincides with the consumer’s currently very pronounced interest in the topics of sustainability and recycling. With their excellent recycling properties and high recycling rates, metal packaging and closures support the course taken throughout Europe towards a circular economy. Customers in our industry and trade sector are therefore increasingly using the “METAL recycles forever” logo to indicate the recyclability of the cans, buckets or closures they use. And to motivate consumers to make their contribution to packaging recycling.



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