Court bans Nutri-Score food labelling

The frozen food producer Iglo may not label its products with the Nutri-Score on the packaging. This was ruled by the District Court of Hamburg in summary proceedings. Iglo has announced an appeal.

The “Verband gegen Unwesen in der Wirtschaft” (Association to combat unfair competition in trade) has obtained a temporary injunction against Iglo. The company is not allowed to label its food with the  “Nutri-Score” as announced. The Hamburg Regional Court has issued an interim injunction against the labelling of Iglo packaging with the Nutri-Score labelling system. The Munich-based Schutzverband gegen Unwesen in der Wirtschaft e.V. wants to use the example of Iglo to fundamentally prevent voluntary nutritional labelling on the packaging.

The Iglo Group announced that it would launch an appeal against the ruling as quickly as possible , so that consumers  can soon obtain packages with Nutri Score in the shops. Since January, consumers have already been able to find out about the Nutri-Score labelling of the approximately 140 Iglo products on the company’s website. Antje Schubert, CEO of Iglo Germany, explains, “We are still committed to fulfilling consumers’ wishes for transparent, independent and easily understandable labelling.”


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In addition to Iglo, the companies Danone, bofrost, Mestemacher and McCain have also decided to voluntarily introduce the Nutri-Score nutrition labelling system in Germany. The first products with the Nutri-Score on the packaging are already available in the shops. The companies support the system not only because it is independent. In order to avoid consumer irritation and in the interest of the export-oriented German food industry, Iglo believes that a nutrition labelling system that can be used throughout Europe should be developed. “If we in politics and business really take the European idea seriously, we must also bring European solutions that meet people’s wishes,” says Schubert, adding that isolated national solutions are a step backwards and do not contribute to more trust. Now the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court will have to decide whether it shares the legal concerns of the lower court, thus banning the use of the Nutri-Score in Germany.

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