Dallmayr Presents First Recyclable Coffee Packaging

The Dallmayr Coffee Group is switching its packaging to recyclable film. Dallmayr. The sustainable coffee lines for professional use in the catering trade are first.

After three years of development work, Dallmayr says it has found a sustainable solution for its coffee packaging: a recyclable film made from just one plastic. The changeover to the new material is taking place gradually. Dallmayr Via Verde, Azul Tierra and Cerro Verde — the sustainable coffee lines for professional use in the catering trade — are first.

“When it comes to purchasing green coffee, Dallmayr has been following a consistent path for decades, based on the company’s high quality awareness. Dallmayr also sets the same high standards for the production and packaging of its hot beverage specialties,” the company says. Coffee and tea are sensitive natural products, and packaging is essential. For this reason, all coffee and tea packaging used by the Dallmayr Group has been put to the test for years. The aim is to find resource-saving material solutions that allow better recycling of the various types of packaging and thusly increase the recycling rate.

In the search for alternative, more environmentally friendly materials, Dallmayr works closely with its suppliers of packaging solutions. Together, the packaging specialists have succeeded in developing a film made from a single group of plastics that can withstand the high demands placed on quality and aroma protection, and which hardly differs from conventional standard packaging in terms of both appearance and feel. The environmental service provider Interseroh+ awarded the new mono-PE film 18 out of 20 points (= good). This corresponds to a recyclability of 90 percent. The changeover to the new film is taking place gradually within the Dallmayr Coffee Group. At the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg, Dallmayr Gastronomie Service will present Dallmayr Via Verde, Azul Tierra and Cerro Verde, the first coffees in sustainable packaging. For the remaining ranges, the stocks still left of the original films will first be used up for environmental reasons and then their packaging will also be switched to the new, recyclable material.

Dallmayr has already been using only FSC or FSC Mix certified materials for all cardboard packaging within the Group since 2018. These can be returned to the recycling loop up to 25 times. In addition, Dallmayr works with alternative material solutions such as cardboard boxes made of grass paper.

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