Henkel wants to cut the use of fossil plastics in half

By 2025, 100 percent of Henkel's packaging is to be recyclable or reusable. The use of fossil plastics will be reduced by 50 percent, and as far as possible, no more plastic put into circulation by Henkel will be released into the environment.

With the new targets, Henkel wants to support the development towards a circular economy – this means that packaging materials remain in the industrial cycles as long as possible. Plastic waste in the environment is one of the greatest global challenges, says Sylvie Nicol, Human Resources Director and Chairman of the Sustainability Council at Henkel. “The search for solutions is in full swing and our packaging experts are working hard every day to achieve our ambitious goals.” She added that Henkel was working closely with its partners along the entire value chain to achieve further progress.

More recyclate and bio-based plastics
Already, 85 percent of the consumer goods manufacturer’s packaging is recyclable. Over the next five years, Henkel will work in cooperation with CELEX to ensure that this applies to all packaging (with the exception of adhesive products, where residues can impair recyclability or contaminate recycling streams). Henkel aims to achieve its goal of reducing the quantity of new plastics from fossil sources in its Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care consumer goods businesses by 50 percent by reducing the volume of packaging, increasing the proportion of recycled material in consumer goods packaging to over 30 percent worldwide and using bio-based plastics. Some packaging already consists of 100 percent recycled plastic.

Commitment to recycling
To ensure that as little plastic waste as possible enters the environment in the future, the company supports waste collection and recycling initiatives and invests in innovative solutions and technologies to promote recycling management. Examples include Henkel’s long-term partnership with the social enterprise Plastic Bank and its membership in the global Alliance to End Plastic Waste. In addition, Henkel wants to help its consumers to use and dispose of its products in a responsible manner. The company aims to reach more than 2 billion consumer contacts annually by means of targeted information on recycling and disposal, for example through special symbols on packaging. With its new packaging strategy, Henkel has set itself ambitious goals, the implementation of which will certainly pose a challenge over the next five years.

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