The New Reusable Law Also Brings New Packaging

Sabert Europe, global manufacturer of food packaging, has launched new reusable containers suitable for takeaway meals.

The foodservice industry was prepared for this, and so were packaging manufacturers: after the new reusable packaging law came  into force on January 1, 2023, restaurateurs above a certain size now have to offer reusable packaging for takeaway meals. Sabert Europe has been preparing for this development for months and has launched a new range of reusable packaging. The new packaging solutions in the ReusePac line include a range of reusable food packaging designed for the delivery and takeaway markets.

Clip system offers spill protection during transport

The new packaging is particularly suitable for delivered food and takeaway meals. Thanks to a clip stacking system, they can be stacked for safe transport. Available in three different sizes, the new range is designed for reuse, maintaining its appearance and performance for at least 50 washes in the dishwasher, the manufacturer explains. The containers are suitable for microwave heating.

Using ReusePac saves more than 50 disposable trays, according to Sabert. They are made from high-performance polypropylene (PP) and have, as Sabert Europe guarantees, a recycled PP content of more than 30 percent, certified by QA-CER. “ReusePac also uses 30 percent less plastic, thanks to the addition of organic mineral talc, which provides excellent strength and stability, as well as better thermal insulation,” the company says.

“The ReusePac is particularly suitable for hot meals, but it also works perfectly for preparing chilled food – and looks appealing. We say eat, rinse, reuse. It really couldn’t be simpler,” says Clemence Jauquet, Communications Manager at Sabert Europe.

ReusePac can be personalized with a cardboard insert designed by Sabert. For labeling, the manufacturer recommends applying a water-soluble label.

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