Lorenz Crackers with New Recipe and New Packaging

New recipe, optimized packaging for better recyclability, less plastic, and more transparency through Nutri-Score and responsibility icons: Lorenz has subjected its Snacks “Club Crackers” to a product relaunch.

Food manufacturer Lorenz aims to meet the desire of many consumers for snack products that meet modern diets, are more sustainable, and offer transparent product information with the product relaunch of its classic snack “Clubs Cracker”. Before the relaunch, the product was still called “Party Clubs”. The new crackers contain less salt and the ingredients of the packaging have also been changed.

With the relaunch of Clubs Cracker, the snack manufacturer’s “less plastic” goal in the area of packaging is also being put into practice, the company says: “The film used for the stand-up pouch is now highly recyclable, and the goal of saving plastic has been achieved through an optimized pouch format. This material-saving measure alone can thus save 10.5 tons of packaging material per year,” the company informs.

In terms of product design, Lorenz is following its own claim to provide more transparency about ingredients on the sales shelves. The highly visible Nutri-Score label on the front of the packaging now provides information about the nutritional profile of the crackers at a glance, and with additional icons pointing to the recyclable packaging and the recipe without added flavor enhancers, Lorenz supports responsible consumption. With the “Oft Länger Gut” (consumable for a lounge time in most cases) label on the back of the packaging, Lorenz is also helping to counteract food waste.


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