Pea Sprouts that Grow in a Bag

The Danish “Grow Up Farm” launches “Eat-Grow-Repeat”, a new product in which the packaging plays an essential role: Small pea plants that grow in a bag. After removing the top section of the bag, the bottom of the bag becomes a pot.

With “Eat-Grow-Repeat”, the Danish sprout specialist “Grow Up Farm”, in cooperation with Schur Star Systems, is launching a new packaging concept for pea sprouts, in which the packaging plays an essential role. After removing the top section of the bag, along the perforation, the bottom of the bag becomes a pot. This can be placed with the remaining pea plants, for example, on the window sill. Properly cared for, the growth of the plants continues, and soon fresh pea shoots can be cut again. The bag is made of single-layer polyethylene.

Soybean sprouts made the beginning

The cornerstone of the Danish family business Greenow, to which “Grow Up Farm” belongs, was laid in 1966. At that time, they established themselves in the professional cultivation of soybean sprouts. Sales of organic soybean sprouts were growing steadily. Greenow was therefore looking for a more efficient packaging solution. This was found in a new packaging machine from Schur Star Systems, which was initially only intended for fully automatic packaging of soybean sprouts in bags with resealing. In the resealable bag, the sprouts do not dry out in the refrigerator. They stay fresh for up to 8 days.

“Bean sprouts are our core product, for which we chose the SchurStar Concept,” says Lasse Vilmar, CEO of the company. But because of the versatility and high capacity of the packaging machine, he says, they also went ahead with the “Eat-Grow-Repeat” project. “Now we can change from a fully automatic to a manual packaging process in a few minutes if we want to pack meal salads with different elements, for example.” The bag selection is also by no means limited to the two designs, he said. “We’re excited about the new flexibility and the many options.”

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