Efficient separation packaging

B&T Exact manufactures, among other things, aluminium system solutions for the automobile and commercial vehicle industry. With Paka Glashütter Pappen- und Kartonagenfabrik, the company has found a packaging solution to transport products much more efficiently and safely.

B&T Exact specializes in the processing of aluminium. At its site in Frauenstein, the company mainly deals with so-called Alu-StructuralComponents. One of these components, the so-called gas tank holder, was for a long time packed in individual cartons and layered on pallets. “That was a variant I was not particularly happy with,” says Marco Schwabe, Product and Project Manager at B&T Exact, looking back.

Schwabe had been looking for a more adequate solution for the product for some time. “Each was individually packed and the boxes were then stacked on a pallet. This was neither economical nor particularly safe.” During transport from production to shipping, cartons sometimes fell off the pallet.

Convincing stability

At a cooperation exchange in Annaberg-Buchholz, the project manager at a stand of the Paka Glashütter Pappen- und Kartonagenfabrik was struck by the compartments made of grey cardboard that reliably separate products from each other. Among other things, Schwabe was convinced by its stability. And once contact had been established, the solution to Schwabe’s problem was quickly found. “After our sales department had agreed on the task with the customer, we produced a model in our sample department. Something like this works within one to two weeks – depending on the complexity,” says Ronny Ruider, managing director of Paka.

Change pays off

“The compartments are delivered by Paka ready plugged, so that this already saves about 300 working hours for erecting the previously used corrugated cardboard boxes,” Ruider calculates. “In addition, each pallet can accommodate 56 parts instead of 42.” The new packaging solution convinces B&T Exact especially with regard to the internal process chain.

The much faster and easier packing creates free space for productive activities. In addition: “Thanks to the packaging solution, we can do without 200 pallet spaces per year and save transport costs accordingly”, states Project Manager Schwabe. “In addition, the products arrive safely at our customer’s premises thanks to the intermediate layers and the grey cardboard edge protection”.



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