New ice cream trends – new packaging too

Summer is coming and with it the new ice cream trends. There are new varieties and ice creams that will appeal to vegans and people with lactose intolerance as well. There are also trends in ice cream packaging.

Two scoops of “strawberry” and “chocolate” in the ice cream parlour, and in the evening a bowl of vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries? Ice cream lovers have their ice cream in the freezer compartment. The classic ice cream household pack available at the grocery store contains one litre of ice cream. For some years now, however, there has been a trend towards smaller household packs of up to 500 millilitres and ice cream as a snack.

In 2019, the range of household ice cream packs up to 500 millilitres on offer will again increase significantly, states the Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI), whose Chairman is Ferrero Managing Director Stephan Niessner. Manufacturers and retailers have responded to customer demand for smaller packages.


In the confectionery industry , the requirements are diverse and expectations are high. FachPack is the place that brings together buyers and vendors on a level playing field. More information can be found here.

The BDSI has recorded a particularly strong increase since 2011. While the share of smaller containers in household packages was altogether only 4.2 percent in that year, it was already 11.2 percent in 2017.


An ice cream as a snack is both practical and refreshing for people on the move. Whether it comes in the form of an ice cream bar, sandwich, cone or as ice-cream on a stick, in 2019 most small ice cream products will be offered not only in individual packs, but also even more frequently in the popular multipacks or as ice-cream snacks for sharing with family, friends or colleagues, says the BDSI. New flavours in this format include chocolate/hazelnut or raspberry/peach, peanut, and ice cream with pieces of chocolate. New to the multi-pack products are also combinations of different flavours in one package.

The main reason for this sharp increase in smaller packs is the demographic trend. The proportion of one-person and two-person households is constantly rising and will continue to do so. Whereas in 2000 only 69.5 percent of people lived in this type of household, in 2010 the figure was already 74.4 percent and in 2017 it reached 75.3 percent.

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