Up to 1,400 Tons Less New Plastic

Lidl is now increasingly using recycled plastic for the packaging of its “W5” cleaning products. In addition, there was a test campaign in May with new refill tabs for four different private label cleaning products. If the concept is continued, the amount of plastic can be made redundant.

Lidl has optimized the packaging of various own-brand “W5” cleaning products. The bottle bodies of all-purpose, bath, WC, glass and multifat cleaners as well as clear, softening and hand dishwashing detergents are now made of 100 percent recycled, transparent PET. According to the company, up to 1,400 tonnes less new PET will be needed annually thanks to this measure. Customers can recognise the optimized cleaner bottles by the “more responsibly packaged” logo, which Lidl is successively adding to the improved and more sustainably designed product packaging of its own brands.

Tabs for refill bottles

In addition, in May, Lidl ran a week-long trial campaign with new cleaning tabs that can be dissolved with tap water for the first time. With this concept, Lidl could save plastic in the packaging intensive cleaning agent segment. Instead of throwing away empty bottles of cleaning agent, the “W5” cleaning tabs for glass, kitchen, bathroom or all-purpose cleaners can be easily refilled with the cleaning agent at home and used several times.

REset Plastic strategy at the Schwarz Group

The measures are part of the REset Plastic strategy of the Schwarz Group, to which Lidl belongs, which was launched in 2018. Part of the strategy is to make all plastic packaging of its own brands as recyclable as possible by 2025 and to save 20 percent plastic. In addition, recycled plastics are to be used and more and more material cycles are to be closed. The strategy is divided into five areas of action: prevention, design, recycling, disposal, and innovation and education.



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