Protection for Wounds

Nivea manufacturer Beiersdorf has implemented the biggest brand relaunch in the history of its healthcare brands: The Hansaplast, Elastoplast and Curitas plaster brands have renewed their products and packaging.

Beiersdorf has relaunched its adhesive bandages. The sticking plasters’ reliable, high-quality protection is highlighted by the Bacteria Shield logo. According to the manufacturer, the plasters prevent 99 percent of bacteria from coming into contact with the bandaged wound. This means that the wounds receive maximum protection against infection.

The new packaging design also makes it easier for customers to orient themselves in front of the store shelf, reflecting Beiersdorf’s important realization that today’s store shelf is complicated and it’s not easy to find one’s way, explains Alexander Reindler, general manager of Beiersdorf’s Health Care business.

For example, he says, each folding carton has simple written and visual information about the product with microembossed product images in actual sizes. They provide clear communication about content, benefits, product dimensions, and consumer safety information. To remind customers of the main benefit of the products, the packaging also carries the Bacteria Shield logo. In addition, educational pictograms are included following the words “Experts Recommend”, with simple expert instructions for a wound care routine: clean – protect – heal. The revised packaging also features the new brand logo and design language that were part of the brand relaunch: the familiar asymmetrical arch has been replaced by a contented smile.

In an effort to improve environmental performance, the new lighter folding cartons save 106 tons of paper per year and are designed for maximum recyclability, Beiersdorf says. In addition, FSC-certified paper is used for all products with paper or cardboard packaging. In line with the detailed specifications of Beiersdorf’s Plastic Pledge 2025, the new packaging also uses as little plastic as possible.

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