Completely Recyclable Squeezables

FruchtBar uses mono-material bags without aluminium for the packaging of five popular fruit and cereal purees. The first fully recyclable “squeeze” has been on the market since May. Interseroh certifies best recyclability.

Jufico is known for organic baby food and organic kids’ snacks. The company is now focusing on a packaging innovation for fruit and cereal mixes under the FruchtBar brand. The “squeeze” for cherry-banana semolina, apple-banana oats, pear-apple-spelt, strawberry-huckleberry-apple-wholegrain and peach-3-grain is now fully recyclable.

Whereas the bag was previously made of composite materials to protect the sensitive product, it is now made only of polypropylene (PP) – with the same product protection, the company points out. The PP material can be easily integrated into the recycling flows.

Novelty on the German market

According to jufico, the packaging, which took about two years of tinkering, is a novelty that is not yet available on the German market. The squeeze bag (“Pouch5”) comes from Gualapack, a leading company for prefabricated stand-up pouches with spout. The material of the lid and the pouch are the same, so there is no need to separate them during disposal.

This makes recycling child’s play for the end user, emphasises Jufico. In addition, an innovative lid shape has been chosen for the new product line, which saves 15 percent plastic compared to the lids previously used.

“Made for Recycling”

By switching to recyclable squeeze bags, FruchtBar wants to contribute to an intelligent closed-loop economy. Recycling specialist Interseroh has tested the recyclability of the packaging according to criteria that were developed jointly with bifa Umwelt- and Fraunhofer IVV-Institut. With a score of 20 out of 20, the new squeeze bags achieve the best possible rating and carry the “Made-for-Recycling” seal.

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