Traffic light labelling for food packaging

Nestlé has decided to use Nutri Score as its nutrition labelling system in future.

Nestlé announced on 26 June that it had decided to introduce the Nutri Score traffic light profile as the preferred food and beverage labelling system in Continental Europe. Nutri-Score is a voluntary front-of-pack labelling system that classifies food according to its nutritional profile using a colour scale from green to red. So far, however, only the health authorities in France, Belgium and Switzerland have recommended the use of Nutri-Score.

The German Federal Nutrition Minister of Food and Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, however, has so far rejected nutritional profile labelling for food in the traffic light colours red, yellow and green. Nestlé itself “would welcome it if the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, which is in charge of the project, were to support notification of this system to the EU Commission”. Then, it is said, implementation would begin immediately.

Marco Settembri, Nestlé CEO for Europe, Middle East and North Africa, said, “Our support for Nutri-Score reflects our commitment to good nutrition and informed consumer choices. It is also a matter of transparency”. He added: “Scientific evidence and increasing consumer support show that Nutri-Score is a solution that works in continental Europe”.

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