Recyclable multipage labels

August Faller GmbH & Co KG launches a new multi-page adhesive label for medicines, made of environmentally friendly paper.

Sustainable packaging is also gaining in importance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. According to August Faller, the company has therefore developed a multi-page adhesive label for glass, plastic, paper and cardboard containers that does not require the usual film lamination. It consists exclusively of paper and is easily recyclable.

These “multipage adhesive labels” are available with 2 to 32 pages. This allows pharmaceutical companies to accommodate a relatively large amount of information for doctors, pharmacists and patients on a small area. The combination of label and package insert is available in two versions – as a booklet label in brochure form and as a folded leaflet label. Furthermore, the labels can also be supplied in a permanently adhesive, detachable or resealable form or with perforations.

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