Upcycling products from squeeze pouches

A popular snack on the go for infants is fruit puree. Many parents give their little ones the sweet puree from a squeeze pouch. It is practical and the children enjoy squeezing and sucking. FruchtBar takes back the empty squeeze pouches and sews them into upcycling products.

The range of baby food on the shelves is constantly growing. Many producers now offer a large selection of colourful squeeze pouches containing fruit puree with or without cereals. Jufico GmbH with its organic FruchtBar brand is one of the leading producers of fruit and vegetable purees. The “squeezies” are particularly colourful and therefore stand out on the shelf. With new flavours, such as mango-apple- orange- spelt, for example, the producer repeatedly brings a variety of colours to the packaging. Consumers – in this case the parents of the consumers – can send these pouches back to the FruchtBar producers. Jufico GmbH has an upcycling programme – products such as for example bags are made from the empty pouches. “When the squeezie is empty, our seamstresses in the “sheltered workshops” (workshops for people with disabilities) love to turn it into a colorful, new bag,” promises the company. Anyone wishing to participate in the upcycling programme must send in at least 30 empty squeeze pouches. 50 pouches are needed to make a carrier bag  and 200 for a rucksack. The project has been running very successfully since 2010. More than 2.2 million squeeze pouches have already been returned. The new products are sewn in various German “sheltered workshops”. The sender only has to pay the shipping costs for his order. Upcycling products such as a bag or a child’s apron can also be ordered without having sent in empty packaging beforehand. In this case, the goods are subject to a charge.


In the confectionery industry, the requirements are diverse and expectations are high. FachPack is the place that brings together buyers and vendors on a level playing field. More information can be found here.

The squeeze pouch is made up of three layers. According to the manufacturer, the outermost layer is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the middle layer is aluminium, and the inner layer–the only layer that comes into contact with food – is made of polyethylene. All layers are BPA-free (BPA = bisphenol A) and no plasticizers are used. For the swallow-proof lid the manufacturer has chosen HDPE, which is also a polyethylene.

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