When Crises Turn into Opportunities

Despite the ongoing Corona pandemic and turbulence on the raw materials market, Faller Packaging
can look back on a successful fiscal year 2021. The specialist for pharmaceutical secondary packaging
was able to increase its sales by 3.3 percent to 147.8 million euros.

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Aldi Focuses on Sustainable Shopping with Campaign

Aldi says it has set itself the goal of making sustainable shopping affordable for everyone and being a pioneer in food retailing. To achieve this goal, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are pursuing strategic fields of action. The current “Today for Tomorrow” campaign focuses on sustainable shopping and greater transparency for consumers.

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Lego in Paper Bags

In the future, Lego will no longer be packaged in small plastic bags. By 2025, the toy is to be packaged only in paper and cardboard.

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First Deposit System for Plastic Packaging

The Kneipp brand has set itself further goals regarding the sustainability of its packaging. In order to advance the recycling processes of personal care packaging, the company is cooperating with the start-up Circleback. Together with other partners, it is working on setting up a deposit system modeled on the beverage industry.

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Velux Dispenses with Plastic in Packaging

Roof window manufacturer Velux is introducing plastic-free packaging for 90 percent of its slanted roof windows. Instead of plastic, FSC-certified cardboard is used. By doing so, the company says it saves up to 900 tons of plastic annually and makes it easier for craft businesses to dispose of packaging waste.

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Ukraine War Exacerbates Strains on Corrugated Board Industry

The corrugated board industry is facing extreme hardship due to rapid price increases in the energy sector and impending shortages of raw materials, explains the Association of the Corrugated Board Industry. Even before the war broke out, the market situation had been tense and for months the cost pressure had been higher than ever.

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