Worldstar Winners Announced

The World Packaging Organization (WPO) has announced the winners of the Worldstar Awards. The Worldstar competition is one of the WPO’s flagship events and the most prestigious international packaging award.

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Battle for Talent

From mechatronics engineer to managing director – such steep careers are possible in the packaging industry. But the industry is suffering from staff shortages. Companies that do not live New Work credibly have no chance of attracting talented young people.

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More Reusable Containers Starting 2023

DS Smith, a leading provider of sustainable, fiber-based packaging, reveals in a new representative survey that more than half of the people in Germany intend to spend more time at home due to the rising cost of living. These stays are to be embellished with “comfort purchases.” Four out of ten say they will spend their money on small luxuries instead of going out.

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Reusable Packaging for Online Retailing

The Austrian Post Office and its partners have published results of the “Green Packaging” pilot test. Now it’s time for the next step. Starting spring 2023, the solution is to be available as a regular service.

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Sidel Opens Pilot Plant for PET Recycling

Sidel has opened a new center for PET recycling. At the only PET recycling pilot plant to date in Octeville, France, the company aims to deepen its expertise in PET recycling to fully support market players in the switch to recycled PET.

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