Snacks Newly Packed

Until now wellnuss Premium Snacks has been using plastic packaging to protect the goods from oxidation. Now the company has found a way to pack the nut mixes, dried fruit mixes and chocolates without using plastic.

Natural and sustainable enjoyment: this is what wellnuss Premium Snacks has made its flag. In April 2020, the supplier of nut mixes, dried fruit mixtures and chocolates has now announced to change the packaging material from plastic to recycled paper. Various measures will help to maintain freshness: Orders are collected and produced as needed. The bottling process has been reorganised. This now takes place twice a week, combined with immediate shipping, which is CO2-neutral according to the company.

Storage jars for freshness

The specialist for natural snacks wellnuss Premium Snacks was created in 2011 from the conviction of founder Achim Stephan that the conference table does not have to be the “territory of the standard cookie mix”. In cooperation with local partners, the company now offers its products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for companies as a conference snack or as a promotional gift, but also for private consumers.

According to wellnuss Premium Snacks, the change from plastic to recycled paper packaging closes the circle of environmentally conscious production. To ensure that the products stay fresh for a long time despite being shipped in paper packaging, the bag and a leaflet are printed with the advice to put the snacks into an airtight container. If you still need a suitable container: In the company’s online shop, storage jars can be ordered at the same time, which are matched to the filling volume of the 300 and 600 gram packs.

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